Lessons From the Pulpit – By Theme


Mark – The Gospel of Jesus

Mark – Changing the World

Mark – Jesus Forgives Sin

Jesus – A Place for Sinners



Galatians – The Gospel of Grace

Galatians – The Defense of the Gospel

Galatians – The Truth of the Gospel   

Galatians – The Truth of the Gospel Part 2

Galatians – Justification by Faith

Galatians – Justification by Faith Part 2

Galatians – Why Law?

Galatians – True Worship

Galatians – The Tale of Two Mothers

Galatians – Why Freedom

Galatians – Freedom to Bear Fruit

Galatians – Fulfill the Law of Christ

Galatians – The Gospel of Grace in Action

Our Christian Walk

What To Expect When You Read The Bible


Relationship With God


I John

I John – Introduction

I John – Complete in Christ

Walking in the Light I John 1:1-4

A Good Counselor – I John 2:1-2

How We Know We Know –  I John 2:3-11

How to Live in the World – I John 2:12-17

A New Image – I John 2:28-3:3

Dying to Love – I John 3:11-18

Give it a Rest I John 3: 19-24

Test Your Hearing – I John 4: 1-6

As Love Grows – I John 4:7-21

God as My Witness – I John 5: 1-12

Believing is Knowing – I John 5:13-21

I Peter

Living as Exiles I Peter 1:1-2

Living as Exiles – Special Privileges I Peter 1:3-7

Living As Exiles – World View Part One

Living As Exiles – World View Part Two

Living As Exiles – Transformation

Living As Exiles – Live In Fear

Living As Exiles – Growing Up

I Peter – God’s House

I Peter – Strange Behavior

I Peter – Live a Good Life

I Peter 2:13 – 3:7 Live a Good Life

I Peter – Harmony

I Peter – Just Living

I Peter – Christ Also Suffered

I Peter – The War 

I Peter – Let’s Get Closer

I Peter – Let’s Get Closer Part 2

I Peter – Suffering

I Peter – Suffering for the Name of Jesus

I Peter – Independence Day

I Peter – Elders Among You


Christianity 101

Christianity 101 – Introduction

Christianity 101 – Sin Problem

Christianity 101 – The Plan of Salvation

Christianity 101 – Justice and Mercy

Christianity 101 – Faith and Repentance

Christianity 101 – Confession and Baptism

Christianity 101 – Transformation

Christianity 101 – The Need for Assembling

Christianity 101 – Holy Spirit


Dare to Draw Near

Dare to Draw Near – The Need to be Close

Dare to Draw Near – The Challenge of the Cross – Matthew 16:21-25

Dare to Draw Near – Intense Moments With God – Genesis 32

Dare to Draw Near – God’s Holy Fire – Exodus 3:1-10


Dealing With…

Dealing With Anger

Dealing With Pride

Dealing With Temptation

Dealing with Temptation – Part 2

Dealing With Fear

Dealing With Judgment

Dealing With Guilt

Dealing With Personality Clashes



Dealing With Discouragement Part 1

Dealing With Discouragement Part 2


Eternal Life

Eternal Life- The Right Food

Eternal Life- Fixed For Life

Eternal Life – Lost And Found

Eternal Life – Turn and Live

Eternal Life – See Life

Eternal Life – Abundant Life



Faith – Introduction

Faith – Examining the Evidence

Abel’s Faith

Abel Still Speaks

Enoch’s Faith

Noah’s Faith

Abraham’s Faith

Abraham and Sarah’s Faith

Abraham’s Test of Faith

Isaac’s Faith

Jacob’s Faith

Joseph’s Faith

Moses’ Faith

Joshua’s Faith

Rahab’s Faith

Honorable Mentions

Jephthah’s Faith

Samson’s Faith

Living Out Your Faith



Total Forgiveness – Introduction

False Guilt

Six Reasons to Totally Forgive Yourself

True Guilt – Part 1

True Guilt – Part 2

Total Forgiveness – Perfect Love – I John 4:7-21

How to Forgive Yourself


Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit – Introduction

Fruit of the Spirit – Love

Fruit of the Spirit – Joy

Fruit of the Spirit – Peace

Fruit of the Spirit – Patience

Fruit of the Spirit – Kindness

Fruit of the Spirit – Goodness

Fruit of the Spirit – Faithfulness

Fruit of the Spirit – Gentleness

Fruit of the Spirit – Self Control

Fruit of the Spirit – No Law



Genesis – God the Creator

Genesis – Abraham Part 1

 Genesis – Abraham Part 2

Genesis – Isaac

Genesis – Jacob

Genesis – Joseph



Growing – Results

Growing – The Church

Growing – Discipleship

Growing- Learning

Growing- The Work Of The Holy Spirit

Growing- The Mind Of Christ

Growth Happens


Hearing From God

Hearing From God – Love Letters

Hearing From God – Meditation



Hope as it Relates to Faith and Love


Hope as it Relates to Truth

Hope as it Relates to Grace


I Am

I Am the Bread of Life

I Am the Light

I Am – Before Abraham

I Am – The Door

I Am – The Good Shepherd

I Am the Resurrection and Life

I Am the Way, the Truth, the Life

I Am the True Vine


Isaiah Quotes

Isaiah Quotes – Sheep to Slaughter

Isaiah Quotes – Command or Tradition

Isaiah Quotes – House of Prayer



James – Action

James – Trials

James – Religious

James – Tried And Tempted

James- Favoritism

James- Belief + Deeds Faith

James – Christians in the Wrong

James the Proud

James – Come Near to God

James – Slanderous Judgments 

James – All of My Worldly Goods

James – Waiting

Pray – James 5

James – When We Wander



Jesus – His Refusal to Bow

Jesus – The Main Thing Is

Jesus – Friend of Sinners

Jesus – Live Emptied

Jesus – Miracles

Jesus – The Greatest Teacher part 1

Jesus – the Greatest Teacher part 2

Jesus-His Prayer Life

Jesus – His Enemies

Jesus – His Death

 Jesus – His Resurrection

Jesus – His Ascension

Jesus – His Return Part 1

Jesus – His Return Part 2



Journey With Joshua

Journey With Joshua Part 2


Joy – Philippians

Joy – Philippians 1 Part One

Joy – Philippians  1 Part Two

Joy – Philippians 2 Part One

Joy – Philippians  2 Part Two

Joy – Philippians 3 – Jesus is My Prize Part 1     

Jesus is My Prize Part 2

 Joy – Philippians 4 – Jesus is My Joy  Part 1  

 Jesus is My Joy Part 2


Laws and the Prophets

The Laws and the Prophets

About Murder – Part 1

About Murder – Part 2

Adultery, Lies

Love, Not Revenge



Room at My Table – Luke 14:12-14

Peace on Earth – Luke 2:1-14



About Money Part 1

About Money Part 2

About Judging

Asking, Seeking, Knocking

The Broad and Narrow Gate


New and Renewed

New Focus

New Life

New Attitude

Renewed Commitment

Renewed Hope


Parables of Jesus

The Parables of Jesus – The Seeds and the Hearts

The Treasure and the Pearl

The Workers and the Vineyard

The Sheep And The Goat

The Sons And The Field

The Good Samaritan

The Shrewd Manager



How to Pray – Part 1

How to Pray – Part 2


Lord Teach Us to Pray

Lord Teach Us to Pray – Part 2

Lord Teach Us to Pray – According to Your Will

Lord Teach Us to Pary – Who do You Think You are Talking to 

Lord Teach Us to Pary – Who do You Think You are Talking to – Part 2



The Psalms – Speaking to One Another

The Psalms – Emotions

The Psalms – The Attributes of God

The Psalms – God is Our Strength

The Psalms – Teach me – Part 1

The Psalms – Teach me – Part 2

The Psalms – Worship Him


Reasons to Rejoice

Reasons to Rejoice – Servant

Reasons to Rejoice – Church Family

Reasons to Rejoice – Christ is Preached

Reasons to Rejoice – Life and Death

Reasons to Rejoice – Suffer for Him

Reasons to Rejoice – Unity

Reasons to Rejoice – Imitating Christ

Reasons to Rejoice: A Good Workout

Reasons to Rejoice: Good Friends

Reasons to Rejoice: No Confidence in the Flesh

Reasons to Rejoice: The Heavenward Call

Reasons to Rejoice: Heavenly Example

Reasons to Rejoice: Getting Along

Rejoice in the Lord – Part 2

Rejoice in the Lord

Reasons to Rejoice – Contentment



Our Spiritual Resurrection

His Hour

The Resurrection Victory



Revelation – Take a Look

Revelation – The Big Picture

Revelation – Choosing Churches

Revelation – Under Throne

Revelation – The Great I Lamb

Revelation – Standing on the Premises

Revelation – Can I Get A Witness

Revelation – How to Restrain A Dragon

Revelation – Shape of Wrath

Revelation – Sin City

Revelation – Hallelujah

Revelation- Coming Attractions


Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount – Intro

Poor In Spirit And Mourn

Meek, Hunger And Thirst 

Merciful, Pure in Heart

Peacemakers And Persecuted

Salt and Light


Seven Churches of Asia


Ephesus Part 2








The Tongue

The Tongue – Part 1

The Tongue- Part 2



Why Church? – I John 13:34-35

Why Lost? Romans 3:18-24

Why Suffering?


Non-Topic Lessons

A Picture of Grace

Give it to God- Simon Fletcher

The Resurrected Body


Reading Your Bible With Supernatural Help

Make the Tree Good

The Temptation of Jesus

Experiencing the Love of God

God First – David Fletcher

The Door – Simon Fletcher

A Good Father